Skin Fungal Infection Pictures

Skin Fungal Infections Photograph

Photo Of Skin Fungus
Photo Of Skin Fungus

Photograph Of Skin Fungal Infections Small
Picture Skin Fungal Infections
Picture Skin Fungal Infections

Skin Fungal Infections Photos Small
Fungus On Skin Photos
Fungus On Skin Photos

Images Of Skin Fungus Small

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Photo Skin Fungal Infections
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chinmoy ghosh says:


BINDAR says:

BINDAR says: i have a fungal infection on my right&LEFT leg and TASTRONE PINES DIALY times i feel itching,how can i cure it?and what is the cause of this kind of fungal?please help thanks.

Viva says:

I think it is called tinea versicolor. Most fungus infections are difficult to treat. For superficial treatment try Lotrimin Topical its generic name is Clotrimazole an azole. I got my information from ( if you want to do some research.

Jerome Jay aruta says:

Ano po ang lunas para mawala ang skin fungalin ??

Siva says:


ccvvcv says:

dfsdf d s sd ssf

cherie says:

My baby boy at 7 months had a little patch on his head I took him to doctors they gave me some cream and said it was fungal infection and now its worse than what it was and it now looks fungal and I got told it was excsma and now fungal and now my baby head is a right mess and its spread what do I do now.

maria says:

I have something similar to this,i went to the doctors all she gave me was for a yeast infection, tested me for other serious diseases every thing came back normal but i still have this irritating skin. If you can plz contact me so i do something about it.

dilip khadka g says:

what medition i need to use ?

susan says:

i have a fungal infection on my right leg and sometimes i feel itching,how can i cure it?and what is the cause of this kind of fungal?please help thanks.


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